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Should the heart follow destiny? Or should destiny follow the heart? AU. A world controlled by the concept of coloured gems and soul mates, Sooyoung strives to find her other half while Sunny has other plans.  ForewordShips: Soosun, Yulti, Taengsic, YoonhyunPrologue It is an alternate universe controlled by one religion, The Gems, where the people either followed it or not. It was founded by the first couple who figured out the mystery of the dark gem embedded in the right wrist of human beings from puberty. It starts as a hole from birth and as the body develops, so does the gem. The Fertility Stone was an important and sacred part of the human race and was the indicator of love and fertility. It is said that when one finds their soul mate, the gem will glow a bright colour. The gem is never clear of its intentions and it is always up to the human to act on the gem or not. Once the human is certain of whom the gem is reacting to, they start to develop or continue to develop their relationship with the supposed ‘soul mate’. Within a year, the gem turns from its original black colour to a beautiful crimson. If both gems are crimson before the allotted time, then it is said that an angel comes down from heaven to congratulate the couple and they are forever tied. However, as years went on, there was a rebellion. As in most religions, The Gems had their rules. Gem mates were only between those of opposite gender and thus, they rejected any person who was apart from that belief and rule. The Gems lost a lot of followers as more people realized how silly it was to have to put a rule on a sacred stone that indicated life and love. It didn’t faze the group at all and the world was divided in this belief. Some people chose to ignore the entire concept altogether. Stories of the gem turning people insane; stories of people who tried to remove the stone or destroy it only ended up dead or secluded. And so, they just chose to cover the gem and follow their heart and instincts. For stories of angels and destiny and soul mates were too ridiculous for some. And that leads our story to Choi Sooyoung, a student in her freshman year of university. Her family was a devout follower of The Gem system and she believed in it as well. She often fantasized about finding her soul mate. She imagined how fast her heart would beat the second her gem glowed and the excitement of her gem turning from black to purple to blue to green to yellow to orange and then that crimson colour all humans secretly desired. For who wanted more than to find the love of their life? But then there was Lee Soonkyu, better known as Sunny, a student in her second year of college and already dreading adulthood. She was bright on the outside but always tired of everything on the inside. She was tired of the world and its cruel ways, she was tired of The Gem system and its strict rules and she was tired of people in general. She only had her small group of friends and they all covered up their Fertility Stone or as Sunny would call it, the biggest burden and lie of the world.