After all this time

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After All this time Main Characters :Tiffany HwangNichkhunTaecyeonTaeyeonKyuhyunMinor Characters :SunnySungminWooyoungDennis OhDaniel HenneyVictoriaDavid (fictional)HongkiPairings :Khunfany + taecyeonKyuhyun & taeyeonSunsunPlot - Tiffany is searching for someone she met and had a crush on for 3 years but never knew. But while searching, someone else came to her life and made things even more complicated. After all this time, was all that she searched for is actually right in front of her face?Subplot - Taeyeon never believed in love, although she did love once. She will never again. but after all this time, she knew someone someone would make her fall in love again. ForewordTiffany Hwang , 23 years old.Movie / Drama director , Bubbly and slow personality. Always very confused and has a very slow reaction, which makes her cute and attractive. Successful and rich.Best Young Female Director.Nichkhun , 23 years old.Magician , a heartbreaker and sweet-talker. Flirty but always in a bad mood after the death of his friend and his breakup.Taecyeon , 23 years oldPilot, friendly and popular, successful and handsome. Who wouldnt like him?Taeyeon , 24 years oldActress , cold and cranky, but beneath it all, a dorky fun person. Never believed in love afte break up.Cho Kyuhyun , 25 years old.Director, Tiffanys co-director. Funny and silly, childish and sweet.Sungmin , 24 years old,Editor , and he hero! Always there to help, smart and sweet. Sunnys boyfriend.Sunny , 22 years oldScriptwriter, friendly and sweet, funny and cute.Wooyoung (deceased) at the age of 21Actor, Taeyeons ex-boyfriend. Funny and loyal. Friendly and loving.Dennis Oh & Daniel Henney , 30 years oldActor - both are charming and handsome.Victoria Song, 23 years old & David, 31 years oldVictoria is the fiancee of David, and ex-girlfriend of Nichkhun, a talkative drama queen. David is a smiley, kind hearted man.Hongki , 20 years oldHas a crush on Taeyeon.