18 Turning 8

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Author: bananamilk23
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Luhans turning nineteen but the moment he woke up, hes 8 years old AGAIN!?! ForewordLuhan is quite popular in his school. He is the star player of the soccer team and he is a very friendly one . No wonder why people got surprised of him, having Yoojin as his girl friend.She is just a typical girl but doesnt have a very typical life - she studies at day and works at night as a part-time waitress.Luhan started liking her after a small incident with her. After that, Poof! He decided courting her and ended up as the new couple in school.But Luhan knows not as much as Yoojin knows about him, her likes or dislikes, her favorites or even  her hobbies.SHE IS A CLINGY ONE. He started disliking her treatment on him. Instead of having one as a girl friend, its like he actually got one as a mother.A day before his birthday, he decided to have a cool-off with her and for the very first time - he broke her heart in two.He was about to leave when a young man wearing all white eating chicken beside him spoke. They had a friendly conversation about his girl friend and even confessed that hes getting sick of her.Luhan thanked him for the small talk they had but he young man ended the talk with a youthful full smile and said,  "Thank me after everything."  The next morning... POOF!   HES 8 AGAIN....