Free Man Revolution

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Author: noonabreeze
Time: 8 month ago

" There is nothing you can do about the past. The future, however, is all up to you. " " Itd been a good many years since the fall of Free Man and the rise of The Core Regime. It had all started in those easier times, when youd flip on the news channel on your television set and listen to various reporters relating the crimes committed for that day, updates on federal court judgings, and the occasional local event or two. No one had expected that on a particularly windy autumn day in the Western Hemisphere that things wouldve changed so suddenly; life, as every civilized person knew it then, would soon be distorted forever." -excerpt, ch.1   pairing: Yixing/Yourating: PG-13genre: dystopian/fantasywords: 10,411warnings: profanity, graphic violence, death    ForewordFinally! Ive been dying to put this fic up for a couple of weeks, and made it just in time to finish on Yixings bday! ^^I hope you like this piece, and honestly I am very excited to have completed it since I love the dystopian genre! Its different from my other romance/smut genres Ive done so far, but Ive needed a break from it so to clear the intense writers block Ive had, so came this x] Thats it for now, see you soon and I hope you like this one ♥