You will fall for me.

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Author: nadoucha
Time: 8 month ago

Have you ever liked someone you shouldnt have?Jackson is. Mark isnt someone a bad boy like him should like. He really shouldnt. But he cant stop himself from liking the older boy. Today is the day. Ill finally fuck him. I dont care if he doesnt want. Yeah... I dont.  Aboura there! Im here to help Nadoucha with anything she needs,but its her story.ENJOYYYYY!!!!   ForewordI cant hold back. I dont care anymore. In fact... I do. So much. I think Im in love...  Hello,people! This is Nadoucha here.I didnt know what to write as a first fanfic,so I came up with a markson.Hope you will like it and please comment if you see anything wrong. Subscribers are loved :3Nadoucha.