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Author: -psychopathic
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The mysteries of love-psychopathicoh hayoung"ive always think that he likes me, but he was a fraud."Main Character, Active, Loves Mark, Desparate for love. Sisters with Eunji. Hayoung is a gentle person who needs a little bit fixing on her attitude. She can be funny, she can be serious, and she can be hyper. MarkTuan"i looked at her pretty smile, but now i regret loving it."The Main Male Character of the story. Hayoungs inspiration. Eunjis secret love. Mark is a nice person but kind of a flirt. He claims the people around him as a playmate. jungeunji"Why are you so obvious?"Sister of Hayoung, More closer to Mark. Also desparate for love. Not the rival of Hayoung, but both of them loves mark. Eunji loves Hayoung and seems to be more desparate than Hayoung. She claims Mark all the time. Story LineIts been years when Hayoung stayed in the city called Halows, where there is a legend about the blue moon rises every 8th of October. Once a blue moon rises above two people with different genders, that means that the both of them will love each other forever. Everything changes when they meet a man in a particular place. So tall, so handsome. Hayoung and Eunji strived to score the man. But there are mysteries in this man that cannot be revealed easily.  Discoveries on love are ahead. With the help of Eunjis vision, and Hayoungs love, will they uncover the mysteries of Mark and love?Is Mark Hayoungs true love? Will the blue moon rise above Hayoung and Mark? Or will its rise above Eunji and Mark instead? Stay updated to discover Mark and loves secrets.  "Relationships are really rare for me, thats why Im waiting for a miracte" - authorAUThorsnoteAUTHORnEXT cHAPTERLinkHello readers! Im just a rookie here on aff. This story is fiction and real at the same time. If its fiction for you, its very real for me. Please do enjoy the story and I will update as early as I can. ahnhani"Im so sorry, but he chose me.."jeonjungkook"i cant decide. im sorry."Amandasteele"...."Ohsehun"im not high, im drunk. drunk in love."coded & designed by holistic from syncratic designs. Foreword☇ : EXTRA CHARACTERSI actually thought that this will be neccesary for future affies and credits. And I also want you to know the other characters that are not in the upper layout right there. So this is what I did. Dont ask where did I find this layout. i dont know either. I astually took this months ago. This is an admin layout. If you readers know where this layout can be found, tell me immediately so I can say thank you. If you can make a ship picture of some characters that you would like ship, feel free to give it to me and I might just post it in the chapters. Thank you - psychopathicson Wendy Mother of Hayoung and Eunji. Not the best mother but the prettiest of them all. Shes sweet but sometimes her bad attitudes is controling her. Like hayoung.  baekhyunThe most awesome father you will ever meet. Hayoung loves him so much and also Eunji.He like to eat, sleep, and make fun of Wendy but completely respects her. jinyoungJust a guy that will be in the future chapter. Sweet, charming. Like a brother for Hayoung.  jaejinA guy in the future chapters. Nice but awkward. CREDITS FOR EVERYTHING : SYNCRATIC LAYOUTS | SPOTLIGHT POSTERS | PEDONOONALINK LINK LINK LINK LINK CREDITS